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To continue to provide our services, we have to rely on your donations. Donations that allow us to cover the operating costs of running a charity, and give that little bit extra to the families we help. Cascade Baby Bundles is a none profit organisation, all money donated is reinvested into the charity, for the benefit of the children. If you believe in our cause, and wish to donate money, there are two ways you can help. You could make a one off donation, or show continuing support by giving to our around a pound appeal.

If you wish to make a one time donation to support us, please follow the PayPal link below:

The Around a Pound Appeal is based on one simple idea: if everyone could give a little every month, it would add up to a lot. If you could make a regular donation of around a pound a month; with enough people contributing we will be able to continue our work. Without this funding we will struggle to continue in the long term.

For those with access to Internet banking, our details are:

Name of Organisation: Cascade Baby Bundles
Sort Code:  77-01-04
Account Number: 30447260